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Course Content

Course Content:

Module 1 : Security Officer Core Skill Set

You will be taught about the core roles & responsibility of the Security Officer


Module 2 : How to Prepare for the Security Officer Interview

In this module, you will be taught what to prepare, how to answer the questions posed by the interviewer. 

Module 3 : Stakeholders Management

As a Security Officer, you have to manage many stakeholders in your day to day operations. In this module, you will be taught how to talk with all important stakeholders so that you will impress your superiors and clients.

Module 4 : Report Writing & Documentation

A key part of the Security Officer job is to write effective reports that are useful to Management. You will be taught how to write effective incident & investigation reports and also, all relevant documentation that is a necessary part of the Security Officer role.

Course Eligibility:

Candidate should have worked as a Security Supervisor with a minimum of 2 years Or Ex-Servicemen who worked in Defence or Central Police Forces.



Siva RP is a Security Risk Management Professional. He is Board Certified in Security Management & Physical Security.


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